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Kosovo Trustbuilding Platform

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A school of fish swimming left, and one fish swimming right. It reads "New Social Initiative"

New Social Initiative

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The name "UNMIK" in all caps.

United Nations Mission in Kosovo

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Fundación Ciudadanía Inteligente


Picture of Sanja Sovrlić

Sanja Sovrlić

Picture of Hiljmnijeta Apuk

Hiljmnijeta Apuk

Picture of Sanja Vukovic

Sanja Vukovic

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Picture of Little People of Kosovo

Little People of Kosovo

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Picture of Democracy for Development (D4D)

Democracy for Development (D4D)

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Verka Jovanović

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Donika Marku

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Milica Radovanović

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Picture of Lazar Rakic

Lazar Rakic


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