Initiative Status
# Initiative Status Start End Actors Themes
1 The Advantage of Diversity Completed 2020-01-08 2020-06-15 UNMIK Gračanica online
2 Social inclusion and reconciliation - Unbiased Media Reporting Completed IOM KoSSev #LANGUAGE #GENDER EQUALITY
3 Supporting Media and Independent Journalism with a Human Rights perspective in Kosovo In progress 2018-01-01 2020-12-31 EU Kosovar Gender Studies Center Center for Equality and Liberty (CEL) Kosovo 2.0
4 Development of investigative journalism among journalists reporting in Serbian language in Kosovo Completed 2018-02-05 2019-10-31 KCSF InTER Crno Beli Svet
5 Stop Spining and Manipulation - True, Objective and Analytical Reporting Without Restriction Completed 2019-01-01 2020-01-31 US Embassy Radio Mitrovica Sever
6 Enhancing the Bridge Between Media and Citizens In progress 2019-01-01 2020-08-31 KCSF Royal Embassy of Norway in Kosovo NGO Kosovo Glocal
7 Using New Technologies to Promote Accountability Completed NED NGO Internews Kosova
8 Supporting Objective Reporting by Minority Media Completed NED Radio Mitrovica Sever
9 Supporting Minority and Independent Media Completed NED AMPEK
10 Fostering Open Debate through New Media Completed NED Sbunker
11 Promoting Open Debate and Democratic Values among Youth Completed NED NGO Kosovo Glocal #YOUTH
12 Human Rights Journalism Fellowship program In progress EU Kosovar Gender Studies Center Center for Equality and Liberty (CEL) Kosovo 2.0
13 ActionSEE Completed 2016-01-01 2019-01-01 EU NGO Open Data Kosovo

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