Initiative Status
# Initiative Status Start End Actors Themes
1 Support Disaster Preparedness Response and Recovery Capacities of Northern Mitrovica Region Completed 2018-09-01 2019-03-01 UNDP NGO Domovik #GENDER EQUALITY
2 Advancing Implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Kosovo and Justice 2020 In progress UNMIK UN Women Office of Kosovo Coordinator against Domestic Violence #GENDER EQUALITY
3 Addressing sexual harassement in Public Universities in Kosovo Completed 2019-10-31 Art Polis CFD Swiss #GENDER EQUALITY
4 Increased Awareness of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Youth on Legal Mechanisms against Gender Based Violence and prevention of the GBV phenomena Completed 2018-04-01 2019-10-01 USAID ATRC RROGRAEK #GENDER EQUALITY
5 NO means NO Completed 2018-08-01 2018-12-01 UNMIK United Youth Task Force #YOUTH

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