Initiative Status
# Initiative Status Start End Actors Recommendations Themes
1 Strengthening the Quality and Efficiency of Justice in Kosovo (KoSEJ) In progress EU Council of Europe Kosovo Judicial Council Ministry of Justice CEPEJ Kosovo Prosecutorial Council #HUMAN RIGHTS
2 Fostering a Democratic School Culture and Diversity in Schools Completed EU Council of Europe #YOUTH
3 Reinforcing the Fight Against Violence In progress 2019-01-01 2021-01-01 Council of Europe Kosovo Academy of Justice National Coordinator against Domestic Violence Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare #HUMAN RIGHTS
4 Fostering Rapprochement Through Education for Democracy and Language Learning In progress 2020-04-30 Council of Europe #LANGUAGE
5 JUFREX (Reinforcing Judicial expertise on Freedom of Expression & the Media in SE Europe) Completed 2016-04-20 2019-04-19 EU Council of Europe #HUMAN RIGHTS
6 Strengthen Integrity and Combat Corruption in Higher Education Completed 2016-05-01 2019-05-01 EU Council of Europe
7 Strengthening the National Preventive Mechanism in Kosovo* Completed 2017-05-01 2019-04-30 Ministry of Health Council of Europe Ministry of Internal Affairs Kosovo Judicial Council Ministry of Justice Kosovo Prosecutorial Council Ombudsperson Institution #HUMAN RIGHTS

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