Initiative Status
# Initiative Status Start End Actors Recommendations Themes
1 Social inclusion and reconciliation - Language Courses Completed IOM Office of Language Commissioner Center for Social Initiatives #LANGUAGE
2 Empowering Women Through Developing Language Skills: English Language Course Completed UNMIK #LANGUAGE
3 Supporting Comprehensive Language Initiatives Completed IOM UNMIK Center for Social Initiatives #LANGUAGE
4 Translation Software Purchased by Office of Language Commissioner Completed Office of Language Commissioner #LANGUAGE
5 Robust monitoring - Language Rights In progress 2020-06-14 EULEX #LANGUAGE #HUMAN RIGHTS
6 Social inclusion and reconciliation - Certification of Language Professionals In progress IOM Office of Language Commissioner Center for Social Initiatives #LANGUAGE
7 Continuous Advocacy - Language In progress UNHCR #LANGUAGE
8 Social inclusion and reconciliation - Unbiased Media Reporting Completed IOM KoSSev #LANGUAGE #GENDER EQUALITY
9 Social inclusion and reconciliation - VOC-UP In progress IOM Office of Language Commissioner Center for Social Initiatives #LANGUAGE
10 Fostering Rapprochement Through Education for Democracy and Language Learning In progress 2020-04-30 Council of Europe #LANGUAGE
11 Further assistance to the integrated judicial institutions in northern Kosovo In progress 2019-11-01 2020-06-01 UNMIK NGO ACDC #LANGUAGE
12 Advanced Quality of Language Use in Justice Institutions In progress UNDP UNMIK #LANGUAGE
13 Further support to Kosovo’s justice institutions to comply with language rights and reduce case backlog Completed 2018-01-01 2019-01-01 UNMIK #LANGUAGE #HUMAN RIGHTS
14 Development of investigative journalism among journalists reporting in Serbian language in Kosovo Completed 2018-02-05 2019-10-31 KCSF InTER Crno Beli Svet
15 Promoting the use of official languages in the work of the Kosovo Police in northern Kosovo In progress 2020-01-01 2020-05-31 NGO ACDC Office of Language Commissioner #LANGUAGE
16 Development of a Legal Information Service In progress 2019-09-01 2022-04-30 Assembly of Kosovo Royal Embassy of Norway in Kosovo #LANGUAGE
17 Social inclusion and reconciliation - Multimedia stories Completed IOM KoSSev Center for Social Initiatives #LANGUAGE
18 Social inclusion and reconciliation - Multi perspective history teaching Completed New Perspektiva IOM
19 Creating Bilingual Kosovo In progress NGO Aktiv Royal Embassy of Norway in Kosovo
20 YouthIN Transparency Completed 2018-09-01 2019-01-01 UNMIK United Youth Task Force #YOUTH
21 English Micro-scholarship Access Program In progress 2018-01-09 2020-08-31 CBM US Embassy #YOUTH
22 Education for Employability – E-Squared Completed 2018-01-02 2019-12-31 KCSF IPKO Foundation #YOUTH
23 Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Completed 2019-07-11 Ministry of Local Government Administration #LANGUAGE

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Language Rights in Kosovo (1)

As part of their continued efforts to promote language rights in Kosovo, they funded the production and broadcast of three short TV stories.

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Language Rights in Kosovo (2)

As part of their continued efforts to promote language rights in Kosovo, they funded the production and broadcast of three short TV stories.

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Language Rights in Kosovo (3)

As part of their continued efforts to promote language rights in Kosovo, they funded the production and broadcast of three short TV stories.

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How Did School and Student Life Move from Classroom to the Internet?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, students and pupils moved from regular classrooms and school benches to virtual classrooms.

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International Mother Language Day

Today is International Mother Language Day. Voc Up believes in language freedoms.

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92-Jeta Xhara_QC.png

The challenges of community inclusion in debates

By producing and broadcasting eight debates BIRN managed to build and create a good example of open debates, which were followed by all citizens of Kosovo.

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For the Future We Want, An Agenda that Delivers

For the future we want, let us build together the trust we need.

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New Restrictions of Movement in Kosovo Entered into Force without Offical Translation into the Serbian Language

The decision issued by the Health Ministry restricting outside movement that entered into force on the 15th of April at 06:00 has yet to be translated into Serbian. Because of this, members of the Serb community are unfamiliar with the new rules.

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US Embassy: New Opportunity

The United States Embassy in Kosovo announces an open competition for English Language Teaching and Learning Grant Program.

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Request for Proposals - Assessment

Request for Proposals - Assessment on the needs for language professionals for official languages in Kosovo.

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COVID-19 - Responsible for Everybody

Network for Civic Activism: Translators and proofreaders required.

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Kosovo Trustbuilding Platform’s COVID-19 Resource Page

Kosovo Trustbuilding Platform has developed a Resource page that gathers the important links to information on Covid-19 as well as useful tips on how to spend quality time in self-isolation.

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Edis Galushi: Differences are part of us

This is the story of Edis Galushi, a young member of the Kosovo Roma community from the Prizren municipality.

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VocUp is offering free assistance to health institutions in Kosovo

VocUp is offering free assistance to health institutions in Kosovo for translation to official languages and proofreading of the documents intended inform the masses about measures against this infectious disease.

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OpisMEDIjavanje with Anđelka Ćup

OpisMEDIJavanje: Kosovo Serb journalists perceived as unfriendly and irrelevant.

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Introduction to Peacebuilding

The training is a place for exchange, reflection and self-reflection, critical questioning, value and ideational disagreements, practicing dialogue with non-dissenters.

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Eleventh Show on Multilingualism

Eleventh show on multilingualism – challenges, new & traditional tools of learning languages.

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NSI is Looking for an Intern!

NSI is seeking one intern to join our team and undertake the diverse responsibilities in the framework of various NSI’s active projects.

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CPT: Internship call

Promoting the involvement of graduates from non-majority communities in central and local level administration in Kosovo.

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EMINAAA kfor.jpg

Emina Hyseni Shala is a #KTBChampion!

From Broadcasting in a Military Truck to a Modern Studio.

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With Throat in Strawberries

Language is often a driver of segregation and exclusion, preventing communities from fully exercising their human rights and fundamental freedom - which leads to further mistrust.

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EULEX: Join our team

External Call for Applications for local staff

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Youth Voice Matters

The survey is open for all the Western Balkan young people.

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I don't Want to be the Only Woman at the Table

"If women are represented at all levels, especially in politics, their role is crucial in building trust, maintaining peace and preventing conflict."

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Tourism for the Purpose of Sustainable Development

How are tourism potentials exploited and does tourism development affect environmental sustainability of the municipalities of Zubin Potok and Peja/Peć?

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Stay Home

It's very important these days to stay home.

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One of whom?

Introductions to majority of personal stories usually begin with some nicely articulated words or paragraphs. However, I cannot share my story that way.

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Be healthy, protect yourself and your family

VocUp Serbian Albanian Dictionary - healthy.

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The new WHO interactive chatbot on Rakuten Viber

The new WHO interactive chatbot on Rakuten Viber aims to get accurate information on KOVID-19 in as many languages ​​as possible.

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Voc up.PNG

Voc Up: School

The school is in Albanian: shkollë and in Serbian: škola.

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Digital Skills

Advanced Women Leadership Academy: Digital Skills

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Global survey youth & COVID-19

A global survey on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth rights, with a focus on employment and education.

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Call for Proposals

Service provision on producing a documentary video presenting Kosovo Women’s Network’s Kosovo Women’s Fund.

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OpisMEDIJavanje with Doruntina Baliu

OpisMEDIJavanje: Young journalists rarely have the opportunity to work in professional newsrooms.

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1. At the local level more funds are needed so additional interpreters could be employed, or the translating services could be outsourced.

4 Initiatives


Progress status

Good governance and access to services

7. Public University should introduce Serbian Language Studies Department.

1 Initiative

Good governance and access to services

11. To avoid sexist and homophobic language on media.

1 Initiative

Media and communication