Alpine Club Prishtina

Alpine Club Prishtina

Phone: 38344312744

Address: Anton Harapi str, nr 58, 10000 Prishtina-Kosovo

Alpine Club Prishtina


Improving the quality of youth education in Kosovo

  • Belief

Positivity - we believe in building of and orienting the youth force and energy towards activities in nature, force and continuity that they possess and may share

  • Respect

Showing and emphasizing the respect for work, program, people and environment in which we live and act

  • Opportunity

Provision of these opportunities to as much youth as possible promotes courage, foresight, open worldview, self-confidence and creativity

  • Passion

We believe in sharing and cultivating our passion, encouraging the positive approach even in the enjoyment of the work and activities we conduct

Link between youth education and play and nature and their cultural approximation by recognizing the rich human and natural diversity in Kosovo

  • Choice

We ensure that participation in our activities is always a matter of choice of participants, shown with learning, enjoyment and play, Always adhering to the principles of ethics and environments

  • Authenticity

The vast majority of what we create, build and apply in our programs is authentic and within the parameters of education in nature

  • Quality

We make efforts and adhere to standards, correctness, quality and security in every activity

  • Inclusiveness

Above all, social inclusiveness; sharing of what we provide, encouragement and positive attitude towards any topic related to the education and environment

  • Competence

Improving quality, certifications and on-going training of our staff and teachers, development and accreditation of adequate programs and finding supporting partners


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