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Once upon a time and never again

Visit virtually the exhibition ‘Once upon a time and never again’ by HLCK.

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Edis Galushi: Differences are part of us

This is the story of Edis Galushi, a young member of the Kosovo Roma community from the Prizren municipality.

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Journalist at RTK 2, Žarko Joksimović is a #KTBChampion!

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Call for Participants - Training on Storytelling

If you are wondering how you could make your stay at home during these difficult times more fun and productive, YIHR have a solution for you.

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Master of International Development Policy Candidate at Duke University, Liridona Osmanaj is a #KTBChampion!

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Girls in ICT 2020

Girls in ICT is organized by the IPKO Foundation in collaboration with A.U.K - Training and Development Institute.

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KDI Opinion poll: Citizens’ Perspective on the Kosovo - Serbia Dialogue

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Survey on Well-being and Safety of Women in Kosovo / OSCE

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Competition for Aspiring Young Journalists

European Commission launches competition for aspiring young journalists.

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The Questionnaire for Students

Time in isolation: How do you spend it?

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International World Health Day

7 April 2020 is the International World Health Day.

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World Health Day

Happy World Health Day!

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Public perception survey and public dialogue about future Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Kosovo / Integra_NSI

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Potential Gender Implications of COVID-19 in Kosovo / D4D

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Assessment of Voluntary Returns in Kosovo / OSCE

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