SMAART Youth Center

Refurbishment and equipping the Youth Centre provided for free by the municipality. The youth Centre serves as space for youth socialization and peer-to-peer learning platform. This will support to empower 75 youth and 25 women (Serbs and Albanians) in the 2 target areas through capacity building and training on income-generating activities (IT and web Design skills, other self-employment opportunities) to address unemployment issue. The project engages 50 young men and women in cross-community cooperation through training on peace education, combatting hate speech; language (Serbian and Albanian) training for 15 youth; and, cultural and art acitvities for 100 young people as performers. Read more at:

Organizations: Center for Cultural Diversity and Minority Development , UNMIK
Locations: Klokot/Kllokot
Start Date : 15, January 2020
End Date : 15, June 2020
Tags: #YOUTH