“E.E.E.” Equal Ethnicities Empowerment

The youth-led "E.E.E." (Equal Ethinicties Empowerment) project was one of the finalists of the small-grants competition of the 2nd UN Youth Assembly in Kosovo that aimed at promoting intergenerational learning and transfer of skills and knowledge of artisanal arts of different communities among young people in the area of Gjakova/Đakovica. Some 60 young people from K-Albanian, K-Roma, K-Bosnian and K-Ashkali communities attended the monthly courses of pottery, traditional clothing and knitting and learned about artisan traditions of different communities living in the area. Read more at: https://unmik.unmissions.org/working-young-people

Organizations: UNMIK , United Youth Task Force
Locations: Gjakovë/Ðakovica
Start Date : 01, July 2018
End Date : 01, September 2018
Tags: #YOUTH