Advanced of Youth, Peace and Security agenda in Kosovo - 3rd United Nations Youth Assembly in Kosovo

On 24-25 April 2019, UNMIK, in collaboration with UNKT and in partnership with a multi-ethnic network of young peacebuilders of the “United Youth Task Force” organized the third United Nations Youth Assembly in Kosovo under the theme “Youth participation in Decision-Making and Community-Building”. With over 250 young attendees from all ethnic communities (out of which 65 per cent were young women), the Assembly continues to stand as the largest annual multi-ethnic platform for youth-driven discussions on mutual challenges and solutions across communities. The event was co-funded by UNICEF through the Peacebuilding Fund, with contributions from UNDCO, UNWOMEN, UNDP, IOM, UNV, as well as Kosovo Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Organizations: UNMIK , UNICEF , IOM , UNDCO , UN Women , United Youth Task Force , NGO PEN , Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports
Locations: Kosovo-wide
Start Date : 20, April 2019
End Date : 24, June 2019
Tags: #YOUTH