Building Capacity and Momentum for RYCO

Through this project RYCO with the assistance of UN agencies aims to build capacities of its partner organizations and young people such as: high schools in the region - to equip them with a toolkit and a manual for training and workshops in intercultural exchange, peacebuilding and dealing with the past, as well as to train a regional group of teachers as trainers on these topics. A fundraising guide and a “digital classroom” for teachers and schools will be prepared including several study visits and numerous networking initiatives among teachers young people, especially hard to reach youth (with a special focus on girls and vulnerable youth) - by creating a regional manual on youth peer education on peacebuilding, establishing a group of youth peer trainers in the field of peacebuilding, training 300 youth and supporting 12 innovative ideas of and for youth in the region, as well as promoting their success stories from the Western Balkans.

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Organizations: Regional Youth Cooperation Office , UNICEF , UNFPA , UNDP
Locations: Kosovo-wide
Start Date : 01, October 2018
End Date : 31, December 2020
Tags: #YOUTH