Addressing COVID-19 from a Gender Perspective

Category: Reports
Organizations: Kosova Women's Network

Recommendations for the Inter-institutional Response to Gender-Based Violence:

  • Prioritize services for preventing and responding to gender-based violence, including domestic violence, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, including sufficient funding to cover any extra costs for civil society organisations, shelters and day care centres that serve persons suffering from gender-based violence. Ensure that these centres have sufficient medical, hygienic and sanitary means. Ensure access to psychological treatment, even virtually.
  • Develop a protocol for the treatment of women who cannot be admitted to such centres as a result of infection, including safe quarantine and access to testing. 
  • Specify measures to be taken related to gender-based violence, including ensuring continued work of Victim Advocates and policy preparedness in emergency treatment of violence cases. Inform they public about the work of these institutions and where they can access support. 
  • Ensure that health workers have gender-sensitive responses to gender-based violence, which may be associated with or worsened by the pandemic. First responders should be trained to know who needs extra care or who should be brought to treatment centres.
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