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Although there are journalists who regularly report from Serb communities, in Kosovo, multi-ethnicity is mostly talked about only when it is part of a project, Klan TV journalist, Besnik Tahiri said.

For the few media workers from the majority community who report from Serbian communities, however, security is a big problem, but so are the stereotypes they face.
In the latest episode of the media literacy campaign “OpisMEDIJavanje,” Besnik Tahiri, a Kosovo Albanian reporter who covers all major events in Kosovo Serb communities, spoke about the problems he faces when reporting on the problems of the Serb community.

When the Serbian community is reported about in Albanian-language media, it is mostly related to security and political events, while ordinary problems of citizens, such as urban planning, are disregarded. The reason behind this is limited access of the journalists from the majority community, but also stereotypes, Tahiri explained.

„When an Albanian journalist goes to a municipality with a Serb majority, then people look at him differently and take a different approach toward him. For example, when they notice that the journalist speaks Serbian, they started asking questions that are full of prejudice. That is also my case. They ask: Why do you speak Serbian? You are part of the younger generation, how is it possible that you speak our language?“

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