OpisMEDIJavanje with Jelena Zorić

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“Anonymous sources are the most sensitive group of people a journalist can work with. Just as a journalist should not abuse an anonymous source and reveal his identity – if a source stresses that he wants to remain anonymous, a journalist must also avoid being taken advantage of by the source,” the N1 journalist, Jelena Zoric said.

In the latest episode of the media literacy campaign “OpisMEDIJavanje”, Zoric spoke about sources, the interlocutors’ rights, and interviews.

The N1 journalist warned of the importance of checking the source’s allegations from at least three other sources, especially if the original source requested to be anonymous.

„Anonymous sources sometimes don’t want their identities to be revealed because they believe that their security could be jeopardized – and this should be respected. But you should always keep in mind that someone may be deceiving you and harming someone else with their information,“ she said.

Zoric added, however, that such sources are extremely important when they are reliable.

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