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A desire for exclusivity and a reaction to current events in society is in the very nature of the media. Fact-checking, on the other hand, sometimes demands additional time, which many media outlets are not prepared for, which is why false and unverified information is often published, BIRN journalist and fact-checker, Ivana Jeremic told KoSSev.

In the latest episode of the media literacy campaign “OpisMEDIJavanje,” Jeremic spoke about the meaning of fact-checking, the fact checker’s role, and the importance of this process in journalism.

Fact-checkers are the persons in charge of checking facts in journalistic texts. They are a kind of devil’s advocate and have the task of checking every claim made in the text, noticing its weaknesses and giving comments to strengthen it – Jeremic briefly described the role of a fact-checker.

According to her, the fact-checking process takes place just before a story is published.

After the text is completed, the journalist collects all the data he used while writing the text and submits it to the fact-checker. The fact-checker then reads through the entire text, making sure that every word used in the text is supported by certain evidence, Jeremic explained.

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