KFOR's valuable donations during the pandemic: Solidarity and support!

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The corona virus pandemic has taught us a lot, but above all that solidarity, empathy and help are key in such situations. In addition to preventing the spread of the pandemic, they give a sense of security and understanding, and in times of social distancing it is important to be there for each other. Support and solidarity are also the backbone of KFOR's donations. In the midst of the pandemic in Kosovo, CIMIC donations continued, protective equipment was donated to those on the front lines, working with the community. The donation was delivered to the municipalities of North and South Mitrovica, as well as to the hospitals in Gracanica and Pristina. KFOR donated 70,000 euros worth of personal protective equipment to health institutions in Gracanica and Pristina. The donation consisted of thousands of masks, gloves, goggles, insulating clothing, as well as infrared thermometers and hand sanitizers. All of this is especially important in order to prevent the spread of the virus among healthcare professionals whose role is vital in caring for patients.

"This donation is an act of solidarity that reflects the close cooperation developed between KFOR and the Ministry of Public Health and is part of a NATO-led mission to provide a safe and secure environment for all communities in Kosovo, as required by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 1999, ”said KFOR Commander Major General Mikele Risi. The project was funded by NATO and implemented by a team for civil-military cooperation. This project is part of the Alliance's overall commitment to supporting its operations and to member and partner countries.

This project is supported by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and is implemented by the New Social Initiative. Expressed opinions represent the authors’ views and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations, UNMIK or New Social Initiative.

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