Cooking with LTL influencers

Category: Video
Organizations: NGO NSI , Linking Through Lenses

This time LTL team is sending you to Shenaj’s kitchen, where she has a very special guest, Ivana Pavlović. Shenaj Belegu is a person who loves cooking, after her daughter was born, she started to share her healthy food recipes on her Instagram account. On the other side Ivana is a very active blogger that tackles a lot of issues on her blog. The two of them met years ago and since then their friendship continues. Today while preparing some very delicious food, they share the story how their friendship started, some very interesting details about cooking, and finally what makes their profiles interesting to the audience from all communities.

So, if you are a person who loves healthy food and wants to know more about the ingredients that will make your food healthier even the cookies… then this is your video.

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