📣 Call for Applications: Kosovo-Serbia Visiting Program for Cooperation and Partnership

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Heartefact, a regional multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to fostering cooperation and dialogue between post-conflict societies in the Western Balkans, is thrilled to announce an open call for applications. We invite individuals and organizations from Kosovo and Serbia to participate in a four-day visiting program aimed at establishing new channels of cooperation, understanding, and partnership between the two societies. Together, we can transcend barriers and work towards a brighter future.

Given the sensitive political climate and recent unrest between Belgrade and Prishtina, as well as the pressing need for regional cooperation, this call for applications takes on even greater significance. We invite individuals and organizations from Kosovo and Serbia to participate in two types of visiting programs: one for individuals and another for organizations. Both programs strive to promote understanding, reconciliation, and joint initiatives across various fields, such as politics, social sciences, dealing with the past, business and economy, human rights, security, IT, arts, and culture, among others.

Types of Visiting Programs:

Visiting Program for Individuals: This program provides individuals with the opportunity to engage in meaningful exchanges, forge valuable connections, and work towards joint initiatives that address shared challenges. Participants will have the chance to join a visiting program tailored to their interests, strengthening their connections with people and organizations from Kosovo or Serbia, and building their capacities for future collaborative actions. Visits will be organized for groups of individuals with mutual interests.

Visiting Program for Organizations: This program focuses on organizations seeking partnerships with individuals and organizations from Kosovo or Serbia. Its aim is to facilitate regional cooperation and project development that promotes understanding, peacebuilding, and sustainable initiatives. Organizations are encouraged to apply to strengthen their capacities for collaboration between the two societies, meet potential partners, and identify areas of mutual interest.

Eligibility Criteria:

Individuals and organizations must be residents or registered in either Kosovo or Serbia.

Demonstrated commitment to fostering peace, understanding, and cooperation between the two societies.

Fluency in English is required as it will be the primary language of communication during the program.

Individuals and organizations with limited experience in cross-border initiatives and regional programs are particularly encouraged to apply.

Application Guidelines:


Prepare a concise 2-page proposal including the following:

Highlight topics you wish to explore during the visit, including key issues of interest and relevance.

Identify individuals and organizations you would like to meet in Serbia/Kosovo who can contribute to your understanding of the relations between the two societies and the development of joint initiatives.

Clearly outline an action plan or initiative that you aim to develop during the visit, promoting cooperation and seeking partners from the other society. Alternatively, propose follow-up actions you plan to undertake after the program (such as writing articles, designing actions, engaging in collaboration initiatives, or developing artistic interventions).

Include a brief personal statement highlighting your motivation, relevant experience, and commitment to fostering understanding and cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia.

Propose preferred dates for participating in the visiting program.


Prepare a concise 3-page proposal including the following:

Provide a brief overview of your organization, its mission, objectives, and experience in regional and cross-border initiatives or collaborations.

Clearly articulate the areas or themes in which you seek partnerships with individuals or organizations from Kosovo/Serbia.

Identify specific project ideas or initiatives that you plan to develop, outlining the expected outcomes or impact.

Include a brief statement on how the partnership you seek in Kosovo/Serbia aligns with your organization's long-term goals and objectives.

Highlight any existing relationships or connections with individuals or organizations from Kosovo/Serbia, if applicable.

Propose preferred dates for participating in the visiting program and indicate the number of people from your organization who would participate.

Application Submission:

Please submit your application in English via email to, specifying whether you are applying for the Kosovo-Serbia Visiting Program for Individuals or Organizations. Include all relevant documents and information in a single PDF or Word document.

Important Dates:

Application Deadline: 14 July

Selection Announcement: Applicants will be contacted as the applications are received.

Program Duration: 4 days

Program Realization: July-October, depending on applicant availability.


Access to a network of professionals, organizations, and experts working towards fostering cooperation and understanding between Kosovo and Serbia.

Potential to develop joint initiatives and partnerships that address shared challenges.

Covered expenses for travel, accommodation, food, and refreshments during the visiting program.

For any further inquiries, please contact us at

This program is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy.