Covid-19 Resources

Physical distancing does not need to mean isolation. The Kosovo Trusbuilding Platform can help digitally ease the burden by bringing you positive stories of people working together across communities, inspiration from champions forging trust in new and innovative ways, and the ability to connect and exercise solidarity with others at a time when our normal daily routines and social ties have been disrupted.

Because of the challenges posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic, trustbuilding and the Kosovo Trustbuilding Platform have taken on new importance. Trust in one another has never been more critical to our collective well-being. The purpose of this page is to gather in one place the important links to information on COVID-19, as well as on the self-help links during self-isolation.

Get informed on COVID-19 from official sources:
- World Health Organization
- WHO Health Alert
- Kosovo COVID-19 Reporting Page
- Kosovo Ministry of Health

Check out latest updates on COVID-19 on our platform:

World Health Organization has produced a video on COVID-19 and how to protect ourselves.

Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Kosovo, Zahir Tanin, calls upon leaders to demonstrate unity combating COVID-19. He also calls for upholding human rights in Kosovo in the context of COVID-19.

Head of the EU Office in Kosovo and EU Special Representative, ambassador Nataliya Apostolova, calls for leaving political debates and pointless debates aside during the pandemic. Furthermore, the Ombudsman asked the media not to publish the names of quarantined persons in order to protect the rights of people who have been infected with the virus.

UN Women and UNFPA have issued Gender-Sensitive Recommendations on emerging issues for Women and Girls during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check it out at:
Also, Security and Gender Group has called for the Prevention of Domestic Violence amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more at the following link:

Our trustbuilding partners have also been active in raising awareness on COVID-19 pandemic. In their video, KFOR is sending a powerful message that by Protecting Ourselves, we Protect Others. The VocUp Language Learning Platform is showing us that Not all Words are Equally Important at all Times! and that some of the most important words these days are: Stay at home. #stayathome #rrinështëpi #ostanikodkuće

UNKT, UNFPA Kosovo and UNDP Kosovo delivered over 8,500 food items to vulnerable families. UNKT, UN Women Kosovo and UNICEF Kosovo donated food, hygiene kits and the other type of supplies to safe houses in Kosovo. UNICEF also provided tremendous support to the Ministry of Health in Kosovo by donating medical equipment.

Mitrovica Innovation Center and Gracanica Innovation Center produced and donated protective visors for healthcare workers. They have also called on those who have 3D printers to do the same.

In collaboration with the Office of Language Commissioner, Network for Civic Activism invites all Serbian language translators and proofreaders, but also translators and proofreaders of other non-majority languages in Kosovo to join our volunteer initiative/action COVID-19 – responsible for everybody. VocUp also offers help to health institutions in Kosovo by providing free translation and proofreading of the documents (intended to inform citizens on measures against infectious disease) into the official languages.
Here is also a list of the useful links on how to spend quality time in self-isolation: 
Staying at home can be a great opportunity to learn new languages and skills! Take this opportunity to learn Serbian/Albanian through . You can also download mobile apps on Google Play and Apple Store.

Gender equality starts with you! The UN Women staff has come up with nine ways to support gender equality without leaving your living rooms. The most important thing is to stay at home and stay safe, and the UN Women Kosovo has a special album on its Facebook page, where you can find various ideas on spending quality free time.

You can also use this time to get inspired! If you feel like you are ready to change the world, consider applying for the Atlas Corps Fellowship. You can also check out the list of our favorite feminist books if you are out of ideas about what to read.

Isolation and free time have given us a lot of time to think, and sometimes it can weigh us down. Yoga classes with “Yoga with Adriene” can help you relax and meditate. If you enjoy cooking, you can cook with the world’s best chefs online! By clicking the following link, you can also read a couple of positive stories about coronavirus that can help you become less tense and less anxious these days:

If you are about to finish reading your books from your private library or if you don't have your favorite book in your collection, you can now read online! Scribd has opened up access to its digital library for the next month and, during March, Bookmate has offered a free 30-day access to reading books to its new customers. You can read all of the books from the NASA Library online!

Have you ever heard about Crash course? There are tons of phenomenal courses on one channel. Learn some interesting facts related to sociology, psychology, history, mythology and many other sciences. Knowledge is never enough and we've got plenty of time!

You can now travel the world without leaving your armchair. Google Guide takes you through the most famous museums in the world, with just a click. You can also visit the exhibition “Once upon a time and never again”, organized by the Humanitarian Law Center in Kosovo.

Do you have a guitar? Fantastic! Learn how to play songs of your favorite artists. You can find over 1000 new songs a week, in one place. You can do it by creating a free account.

Have fun with your kids and siblings. Here are some tips to keep them focused for more than 5 minutes:

If you are feeling lonely, check out this podcast on how to Beat Your Isolation Loneliness.

Stay home and stay safe!


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UNICEF provided assistance to Ministry of Health

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Donation of tablets by UK Embassy in Kosovo to children with disabilities

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Call for Proposal

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Mobilising Multi-ethnic Support against Coronavirus Pandemic

Mobilising multi-ethnic support in the face of a common enemy: Youth NGO produced 15,000 face shields for frontline workers.

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UNICEF Delivers 1,344 Vaccine Carriers

UNICEF delivers 1,344 vaccine carriers for regular immunization programme to the Ministry of Health.

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Women and their Stories: Four Lessons at the Time of the Pandemic

The European House organized a competition on the topic "COVID-19: Women and Their Stories" aimed at recognizing the challenges women face during the pandemic.

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Supporting Shelter Services During Covid-19

UN Women Head of Office met with the directors of shelters in Kosovo and through the generous support of Embassy of Canada to Croatia and Kosovo all shelters received laptops.

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My Hero is You

“My Hero is You” - A fictional book developed by and for children aims to help families understand and cope with COVID-19.

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UNDP & UNV Support the Agency for Information Society

UNDP & UNV support the Agency for Information Society with digital tools to advance its information technology.

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Young People Who are Shaping the COVID-19 Response with UN Peacekeeping

Young cyclists in Kosovo deliver 600+ reusable masks to 200 Albanian, Serbian, Roma and Ashkali families in Lipjan/Lipljan.

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WHO Pristina is Organizing a Series of Trainings on Infection Prevention and Other

WHO Pristina jointly with WHO Balkan Hub, and with the support of WHO Regional Office, is organizing a series of trainings of trainers (T o T) on infection prevention control, contact tracing and microbiology.

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