Kosovo Trust Building Platform (TBF Digital Platform)

The project aims to sustain and expand the Kosovo Trustbuilding Platform. Establishing the Kosovo Trustbuilding Platform was one of the key outcomes of the 2018 Trust Building Forum (TBF) held in Ljubljana. The Platform is a continuation of the Forum’s discussions on actions needed to build a more peaceful and inclusive society and seeks to promote grassroots and civil society initiatives and efforts by international organizations, as well as institutional policies and actions to advance trust-building in Kosovo. The Platform is the only database that allows you to search for Kosovo-based initiatives all in one place, regardless of location, type of organization, or thematic focus. 

Read more at: https://kosovotrustbuilding.com/en/start

Organizations: UNMIK , New Social Initiative
Locations: Kosovo-wide
Start Date : 01, September 2019
End Date : 15, June 2020