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The title of my article is the quotation by Mahatma Gandhi and I didn’t use that one by chance. I decided to use this quotation because it has inspired so many people fo pursue the path of freedom, equality and progress. The main reason to be motivated by this quotation is based on our willingness to participate in various activities that can change our lives and the community we live in. The willingness and energy to be of service to the community offer us a model for being at the forefront of problems and to find solutions that can improve our lives. Overcoming daily challenges is not easy, but if we do that for the common good, we must move on and keep doing it.

During my engagement in politics and civil society, the main task that I had was engaging in initiatives for youth and women, people with disabilities and other groups that need my support. During the time when I held the position of an MP, the engagement I had was mainly formal, due to the representative function of an MP. My engagement in civil society is much bigger, because it gives me the opportunity to take part in different initiatives, enables the expansion of professional cooperation and participation in groups of activists that carry out different projects. Working with the Kosovo Paralympic Committee and the Forum for Leadership and Diplomacy gave me the unique opportunity to implement projects for people with disabilities and women.

Every activist, when he begins his work in civil society or in something related to it, has a tremendous

willingness to take part in various projects. What is also needed during that time is preventing that will and that commitment from fading. One might ask why exactly this title was chosen to illustrate this article.

The magnificence of this quotation does not stem from its size - it’s about how much it inspires and motivates people. When we have such an inspirational quotation, the only thing we need is turning that inspiration into work and engagement.

That’s what we should all do whenever we face problems in business, especially while we follow our path.

Together in initiatives, we can overcome and solve problems in an easier and faster way.

Kosovo needs the will of youth and work of women and the contribution of every group in our society, without distinction.

During the post-war years, we have witnessed many things moving forward. We see the progress, but our work must not be stopped here; at least the inexhaustible source of civil society activism that demands a constant change mustn’t stop here. The participation of young women in many decision-making processes was almost impossible in the past, but things are getting better today. The level we’ve achieved is not the level we are satisfied with, but it is the result of the work of thousands of activists. The change we want to bring to our country starts with the form of thinking we have, our commitment and partners we choose to help us achieve our common goals.

We do not give up when we face a problem, or two, or more, because we’ll have a lot of them standing in our way. The only time we’re allowed to give up is when we achieve the desired results.

This project is supported by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and is implemented by the New Social Initiative. Expressed opinions represent the authors’ views and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations, UNMIK or New Social Initiative.

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