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„A photojournalist is a person who complements a media report. He can attach a photo or video. Although he is behind the camera and out of range of the public, his role is very important, because without him, media reports would be incomplete and insufficient. So, the photojournalist and the journalist form an integral whole,“ reporter Stefan Milivojevic explained the role of those who work behind the camera.

In the latest episode of the media literacy campaign “OpisMEDIJavanje,” Milivojevic spoke about the different types of photojournalists, their role, and the limits of ethical behavior.

As an example of such work, Milivojevic cited a photo of a body of a three-year-old child, who drowned, on the shores of Turkey taken during the Syrian migrant crisis in September 2015, but also a photo from the SNS rally showing private security removing people from the plateau and choking photojournalists.

„This photo managed to show the Serbian public what the event really looked like,“ he explained.

Milivojevic, however, also warned that there are professional limits which photojournalists as media workers must respect.

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