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NGO “United Youth Task Force” for several years by now has created a space and opportunities for Kosovo youth from all communities to work together. These projects, in addition to increasing the skills of many youth, have created a space for friendships beyond ethnic boundaries.

Radio KFOR had an interview with the co-founder of the “United Youth Task Force” Ms. Fatlinda Daku, who through these projects was working on strengthening of youth inter-ethnic cooperation:

“One of our most successful projects is called “Breaking Borders Through Art”, which was organized in 7 cities across Kosovo. The project aimed at bringing together young Kosovo artists from all communities, to address specific topics by painting together during the 1-day activities in different cities. This project offered a great opportunity to connect and communicate through art – even for those youth, who don’t speak English, and to develop friendships beyond community lines.”

Andjela Mirkovic, a member of the “United Youth Task Force” for several years, spoke about the importance of these activities for breaking stigmas and stereotypes existing between the communities:

“Multi-ethnic trainings and activities are much needed and very important for Kosovo. They equip young people with skills, knowledge and attitudes that they will require in the future. They also help youth to meet their peers from other communities and break prejudices and stereotypes that are so common in Kosovo”.

Many multi-ethnic initiatives by non-governmental organizations in Kosovo have become bridges for the creation of a multi-ethnic and cooperative society for young people from diverse communities.

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