Mobilising Multi-ethnic Support against Coronavirus Pandemic

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An NGO in Kosovo mobilised youth from different communities to produce 15,000 face shields in just three days, to help safeguard frontline workers in a global shortage period.

NGO LINK, supported by UNMIK, brought together a multi-ethnic rapid-response team of 20 volunteers at their North Mitrovica premises in November to assemble the protective gear.

Striving for zero waste, the NGO cooperated with a start-up called 3D Cycle to process all unused plastic remains for further use, such as creating filaments needed to produce additional face shields.

Protecting the protectors

In December, LINK distributed the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to healthcare institutions and public utility services on the front line of dealing with the pandemic across Kosovo.

Kosovo Deputy Minister of Health Pjetër Ndou received 12,500 face shields from the NGO for further distribution to health workers across Kosovo.

“Every assistance that comes to the Ministry of Health is welcome,” Ndou said. “We are committed to delivering all these donations rationally and helping all those who need help.”

In addition to supporting Kosovo’s Ministry of Health, LINK delivered 1,500 face shields to the Hospital in North Mitrovica and other health institutions under the administration of the Serbian Ministry of Health, 300 to the public hospital in South Mitrovica, 250 to the public hospital in Kamenicë/Kamenica municipality, 50 to the health centre in Zubin Potok municipality, and the remaining 400 to police stations and local enterprises in the Mitrovica region.

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