Encouraging Creative Expressions of Youth

Category: News
Organizations: European Union Kosovo , UN , IOM

IOM delivered the equipment in early March through its Community Stabilization Program (CSP) IV, which is financed by the European Union and co-financed by the Ministry of Communities and Returns.

The handover was attended by the Mayor of Gračanica/Graqanicë municipality, Srdjan Popović, who emphasized the importance of the center for gathering and socialization of youth. “A few months ago, we opened this facility, and today they received the most modern possible equipment, which will enable young people to realize various projects,” said Mayor Popović.

Also, the Head of the Gračanica/Graqanicë Municipality Youth Council, Dušan Borisavljević, happily stated that the new equipment will improve the quality of the work and services of the youth at the center.
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