Developing Bilingual Tools for the Public Safety

Category: News
Organizations: OSCE , Office of Language Commissioner , Kosovo Police

To support the Kosovo Police (KP) in increasing compliance with the Law on the Use of Languages, and to improve communication between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, the OSCE Mission organized a meeting of the Language Commissioner with representatives of the KP Training Division and KP Office for Human Rights and Diversity.

A joint implementation plan for the Mission’s project to support the Office of Language Commissioner in developing bilingual tools for the public safety and security sector, funded by the Swiss Government, was discussed in the meeting.

The officials present from KP and the Office of the Language Commissioner will jointly lead several activities of this project, including producing a video on the importance of a bilingual police organization, developing and printing bilingual booklets to be used by traffic police during their field work, and developing a mobile application with police expressions in both official languages, to assist police in providing services more effectively and increasing their compliance with law on languages.