New Perspektiva: Training for journalists

Would you like to improve your journalism skills or learn new ones, contribute to better understanding among communities?

New Perspektiva is looking for two young people to take part in a three-month training for journalists, where they will learn the skills of cross-perspective, independent reporting, collaboration with other journalists and writing articles to be published during the training, with the possibility to continue working later. The coach at the training will be a former editor and BBC journalist.

This training is part of a broader program of different ethnic groups working together to support the reconciliation process in Kosovo. The subject of the report will be related to the interethnic relations between Serbia and Kosovo, dealing with the past and transitional justice. The five-day course will take place in June 2021. After that, for the remaining two months, under the guidance of a coach, a team of four trainee journalists will write joint reports and articles on which Albanian and Serbian colleagues will work together.

All participants will be paid for the internship.

It is desirable that the candidates be students or graduates of universities or faculties, journalists who want to improve their skills. We are also open to candidates from all levels. Fluency in the Serbian language is essential. Although not necessary, knowledge of English is an advantage.