Introduction to Peacebuilding: Mir - peace - мир 2022.

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If you live in Macedonia, Kosovo or Serbia and:

  • you are over 21 years old (upper limit does not exist, this is not training only for young people, even you who are 40, 50… 80 ojmë we invite you to apply)
  • you do not want to live in fear and disbelief
  • you want to know more about how your neighbors think and consider that linguistic and national differences should not be a reason for lack of communication
  • You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.
  • you know that violence happens, that some people do not have freedom of movement or expression, that some people are discriminated against, but you do not know how to react and what you can do
  • you have no desire to leave the country or get ready for the next war
  • have you heard or convinced yourself that the individual can act in society and change it, but you need skills, new knowledge and support for action
  • you want to work (first of all) with yourself and for personal change…
  • then we invite you to apply to the fifth training Introduction to Peacebuilding: Mir - peace - мир 2022.

Deadline for application: 18.4.2022.

The training that is ahead of us is based on the experience of the organizations VTC (CNA) and Peace Action, which work in different ways to build peace in the former Yugoslavia, this helped us a lot in designing the workshops. The idea for the training Introduction to Peacebuilding arose from the need to pay special attention to the contexts of Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia, as well as to create spaces for communication, to break down prejudices, and to establish a basis for cooperation. further for peace building despite language barriers. We invite you to think together about what we can do to make the societies in which we live less violent and less divided. We invite you to start social change on your own.

By participating in the training you gain the opportunity to learn how to identify key political and social problems in your society, get ideas and inspiration on how to actively engage in solving them. Also, get the opportunity to participate in the exchange of experiences and opinions with participants from neighboring countries, as well as with your fellow citizens from different ethnic groups, and thus take the first step towards reducing the distance between us.

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