Symposium on Shrinking Spaces: Collective Action of Civil Society in Dealing with the Past

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Over thirty years have passed since the violent dissolution of the former Yugoslavia and the various violent conflicts have started. So far, the Western Balkans remains fragile, and the absence of comprehensive Dealing with the Past strategies contributes to further societal fragmentation in the region. Beyond this, the growing ethno-nationalistic, segregational, and authoritarian tendencies in the region and the emphasis of one-sided narratives contributes to an increasingly threatening environment for civil society actors in this field.

In this context, Shrinking Spaces serves as a conceptual framework to address and comprehend diverse tendencies of repressions against civil society actors and the closing of civil spaces for citizens’ participation. Against this background, forumZFD Kosovo and forumZFD Philippines initiated a research project which explores potential avenues for forumZFD to develop strategies to counter shrinking spaces phenomena and to hold, and ideally reclaiming, these lost spaces for civil society.

Therefore, forumZFD Kosovo invites to join the discussions at forumZFD’s Symposium on Shrinking Spaces on 24/25 November 2022. Please find attached the agenda for the symposium.

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