Join the Initiative for Environmental Justice in the Western Balkans!

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During the United Nations Kosovo Trust building Forum, held on 21st-23rd November in Thessaloniki, the Environmental Focus Group launched a joint letter to emphasize the importance of including the promotion of environmental justice and the protection of the environment within Common Regional Market decision-making in the Western Balkans. In this letter, addressed to governments, regional bodies, and relevant institutions, signatories highlighted six areas requiring action: Integration of environmental justice into policy and practice; promotion of an inclusive approach to decision-making; creation of efficient monitoring mechanisms; prioritizing the protection of natural resources; investing in clean technologies and infrastructure; and last, but not least, addressing the disparity in environmental injustice.

The letter has so far been signed by more than 30 organizations, individuals, and institutions from all communities, and will remain open to signatures until the next year’s Berlin Process meeting of civil society organizations, where it will be presented as a joint initiative.

To sign the letter and join the initiative, send an email/message to [email protected]  or @trustbuildingks with:



Organization (if relevant):

Email Address:

You can sign the letter as an organization or as an individual


1. Institute for Social Policy Musine Kokalari

2. International Business College Mitrovica

3. Municipality of South Mitrovica

4. Kosovo CSR network

5. NGO EcoZ

6. NGO Akvarijus APA


8. Center for cultural diversity and minority development- CCDMD

9. K.R. M Eko Regjioni

10. Youth association “Young active Gracanica”

11. OIK

12. Lets’ do it Kosova

13. Primo la Tolleranza

14. Balkan Sunflowers Kosova

15. New Social Initiative

16. AAB College

17. Gorazdevac media group

18. Abulhadi Krasnic, Mayor of Mamusha /Mamuša

19. Ardian Gjini, Mayor Gjakova/ Đakovica

20. Dhurata Prokshi, researcher

21. Vesna Ordić, executive director NGO Sabor

22. Milija Biševac, GI Zubin Potok

23. Aleksandar Arsenijević

24. Katarina Marinković, journalist

25. Slađana Lazić, MOCR Kosovo polje/ Fushë Kosovë

26. Suzana Marić, CASA/ UYTF

27. Vesna Stajić ŽEC/ QPG/WIC

28. Jelena Đokić, Professor Phd

29. Egzon Sadiku, psychologist

30. Jelena Aksentijević, architect

31. Blerinda Veliu, entrepreneur, sustainability consultant

32. Zana Bajrami Rama, executive director CSR network

33. Egzona Shala, executive director EcoZ

34. Burim Shala, director Eko regjioni

35. Nazim Mehmeti, entrepreneur, director Pelivan