When Trust Matters More Than Translation

Category: News
Organizations: UNDP , UNMIK , Office of Language Commissioner

In legal situations that involve persons that speak different languages, an accurate interpretation is vital to prevent misunderstandings between the various parties - defendants, prosecutors, lawyers, judge and victims. Highly skilled interpreters and translators need to be on board to ensure a fair trial. This is the moment when professionals like Blerta Kalaveshi comes on stage! Blerta recently joint the Basic Court in Pristina, as an interpreter, together with three other colleagues.

In cooperation with the Kosovo Judicial Council and the Office of the Language Commissioner, the project has trained 30 Kosovo court translators in 2020 contributing to strengthening of skills of translators, and standardization of legal terminology used in courts.

UNDP and UNMIK are successfully cooperating to support the functioning of Kosovo’s rule of law and improve people’s access to justice. By working together to avoid gaps and overlaps, UNDP and UNMIK will continue to complement each other’s work while being mindful of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic to development and peace.
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