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Ensuring Access to Justice for All

As a result of cooperation between UNDP Kosovo & UNMIK - United Nations Mission in Kosovo Pristina’s basic court has increased translation & interpretation capacities

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Emina Hyseni: Radio waves that have been going on for 21 years

Radio K4 and the recognizable voice of Emina Hyseni. Emina - the manager of the radio - shares with us how the Serbian and Albanian editorial boards of this radio have been cooperating for more than two decades.

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Episode 3: Dealing with the Past and Transitional Justice

Amer Alija from the Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo speaks about the key principles of dealing with the past and transitional justice.

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Mila's unwavering poetry

She writes in her mother tongue, but strives to present her writing to all his compatriots, and therefore translates them.

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Recipe for success: Kickboxing and dancing!

Natalija Savić trains in kickboxing. Erna Salihu is engaged in dance. In addition to doing what they love, they also promote healthy lifestyles.

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Small masterpieces: When Elena and Milena make jewelry

Inspired by art, Elena and Milena became entrepreneurs unplanned.

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Episode 2: Mitrovica Big Band: Music "the only politics"

When Mitrovica had a Big Band, many larger cities did not.

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Education for a bright future

The Roma Versitas model serves as a bridge for young Roma scholars, towards employment and active community participation.

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Benjamin Ibrahimi: Life is like a dance!

You probably know Benjamin from one of his many choreographies, performances from his social networks. What is trust for him?

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Music speaks every language!

"I believe that music can connect worlds as well! It speaks every language, even without a single word."

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Episode 1: Rock as a common language

New generations and love for music - the product would be a true and sincere cooperation.

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Agenda: Digital Trustbuilding Week, April 12-16

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