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Kosovo Trustbuilding Platform


Take Five: “Women leaders around the world have demonstrated successful management of the pandemic”

Around the world, women are shining through as outstanding leaders as the COVID-19 pandemic escalates.

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He for She at Home!

He For She At Home campaign aims to highlight this unfair burden on women and encourage men to do their equal share.

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Together against violence

Under the motto ‘Together against violence’, the Kosovo Police is implementing the project launched weeks ago.

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KFOR Among the most important donors in the fight against COVID-19

KFOR, one of the donors that helped Kosovo cope with the panemia.

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Meet Kosovo Trustbuilders!

Today, the Kosovo Trustbuilding Platform is starting its "Meet Kosovo Trustbuilders" campaign.

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Mitrovica OnlineHackaton 1st Edition

The goal of this hackathon is to work together for 48 hours in order to create socially responsible and/or innovative solutions that will contribute to improvements in understanding or problem solving.

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UNDP continues with handover of IT equipment and protective items

UNDP continues with handover of IT equipment and protective items donated by Austrian Government, this time to MEETIESI.

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Joint statement of Ombudsman, UNICEF and KOMF

Joint statement of the Kosovo’s Ombudsman, UNICEF and KOMF – Call for action “Let’s give Juveniles a Chance”.

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Ombudsman met with the Head of the CoE in Pristina

Ombudsman, Mr. Hilmi Jashari and the Head of the Council of Europe Office in Pristina, Mr. Frank Power held a virtual meeting.

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Evaluation of Youth Modules

Evaluation of UNICEF Youth Modules 2016-2020.

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Donate AT to the most vulnerable

Advancing Together (AT) distributed 50 food packages and hygiene kits to the most vulnerable Roma and Ashkali communities.

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EU delivers 2nd instalment of its €5M emergency assistance to Kosovo

Deputy Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Riccardo Serri, delivered today the second instalment of the €5 million EU assistance to Kosovo to fight Covid-19.

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Women survivors of violence receive vital support from shelters in Kosovo

Around 550 women survivors of domestic violence from Kosovo were admitted to shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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120 wheelchairs with school bags were placed on the square in Pristina

120 wheelchairs with school bags were placed on the square in Pristina as a call for greater inclusion of children with disabilities.

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European Union Kosovo: Statement

Statement by Head of EU Office/EU Special Representative in Kosovo, Heads of EU Missions, Ambassadors of Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, Head of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for Kosovo, and World Bank Country Manager.

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