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Stay safe. Wear a mask!

Coronavirus is not your friend, but you have superpowers to fight it. Follow the steps from the video below to keep the virus away.

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VocUp certificate A1

VocUp allows you to check your Albanian language level for level A1 for free.

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OpisMEDIJavanje: Recapitulation

For the last 4 months, KoSSev has been conducting a campaign on media literacy.

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Who wears what mask?

Who should wear what kind of mask? Watch this video by WHO to find out! Together we can beat COVID-19.

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Fifth Anniversary of the New Social Initative!

On this day, 5 years ago, the New Social Initiative was created.

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OpisMEDIJavanje with Stefan Milivojević

OpisMEDIJavanje: A photojournalist and a journalist form an integral whole.

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OpisMEDIJavanje with Ivana Jeremić

OpisMEDIJavanje: Fact-checking protects the journalist and the reputation of the media.

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Handover of the EU Presidency in Kosovo

Watch the handover of the EU Presidency between Croatia and Germany.

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OpisMEDIJavanje with Rabisha Muhaxhiri

OpisMEDIJavanje: Public service broadcasters should reflect the pluralism of society.

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OpisMEDIJavanje with Jelena Zorić

OpisMEDIJavanje: Sometimes a politician’s refusal to answer a question will be the answer.

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OpisMEDIJavanje with Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi

OpisMEDIJavanje: To whom should you report the media if they violate your rights.

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OpisMEDIJavanje with Zana Cimili

OpisMEDIJavanje: Integrity, not clicks.

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OpisMEDIJavanje with Besnik Tahiri

OpisMEDIJavanje: Only media close to the government in Belgrade can reach Kosovo Serb politicians.

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