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For Strong Generations of Young People

For strong generations of young people: To create in their city and cope with challenges

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Without Labels

“Primarily, about a man, it should be its deeds and achievements that speak of; about his character and personality, it should be the people with whom he spends his time that speak of.”

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On the Doorstep of the New Year: With each other, not side by side

It is the end of the year, we are summing up the impressions. With our interlocutors, we did so through messages of confidence building and those for the end of 2020.

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Women and their Stories: Four Lessons at the Time of the Pandemic

The European House organized a competition on the topic "COVID-19: Women and Their Stories" aimed at recognizing the challenges women face during the pandemic.

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It is Important that the Neighbor is Good

"There are more than forty stores here. We live together, we drink coffee together, we respect each other ... It is better, since we are neighbors, to live together. It is important that the neighbor is good.”

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United in the Zenith of Musical Ideas

Every single of them has a different way of playing music, but it is clear that there is no lack of harmony. Together they find and share ideas. Apart from ideas, they are connected by music also.

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Arda’s 'Golden Ratio' - Violins, Honesty and Respect

Regardless of the nation, religion, it is important that we respect each other and everything will be fine.

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Proud of a city of peace, dialogue and debate

By Lutfi Haziri

,,Gjilan/Gnjilane is the best example in Kosovo of respecting cultural, religious and ethnic diversity and fostering dialogue in several layers."

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One of whom?

By Shenaj Zeneli

Introductions to majority of personal stories usually begin with some nicely articulated words or paragraphs. However, I cannot share my story that way.

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The progress of each society depends on the level of trust between its citizens

By Danijela Barišić

It is necessary to start the trust-building process not only because of us but for the sake of future generations.

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For the Future We Want, An Agenda that Delivers

By Zahir Tanin

For the future we want, let us build together the trust we need.

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Trust Comes Walking but Leaves Running

By Leonora Shabanaj Niksic

Throughout the entire existence of humanity, trust has continuously proven to be the cornerstone of all successful human interactions in all fields of life.

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Let it be what it is

By Tatjana Lazarević

…Let it be what it is, so that what it is may get better

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The challenges of community inclusion in debates

By Jeta Xhara

By producing and broadcasting eight debates BIRN managed to build and create a good example of open debates, which were followed by all citizens of Kosovo.

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Position of Roma Women in Kosovo

By Shpresa Agushi

Why? Why we shouldn’t be represented by ourselves.

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