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Mila's unwavering poetry

She writes in her mother tongue, but strives to present her writing to all his compatriots, and therefore translates them.

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Education for a bright future

The Roma Versitas model serves as a bridge for young Roma scholars, towards employment and active community participation.

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Music speaks every language!

"I believe that music can connect worlds as well! It speaks every language, even without a single word."

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Art from two angles: "Life" and "expression"

Mimoza Studenica and Andjela Jordanovic, live and work in Kosovo; one in Pristina, the other in Mitrovica.

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Knowing the language of your neighbors is the most important factor in building trust and reconciliation

Working with people from different communities, I have learned that we are all almost the same and that we are bound by the same problems and similarities, be it mentality, tradition, etc.

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Linking Through Lenses: Positive stories for a new direction of dialogue between communities

LTL illuminates what is there, in front of us, and what we still do not see.

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Young journalists in Kosovo: Why do they like their job, what difficulties do they face?

"It is important that you do not underestimate the audience, because it is very crucial to distinguishing truth from lies."

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Gashi-Krasniqi: The youth is the locomotive of changing the image of our common region

Cooperation is a precondition for a sustainable development of peace in our region.

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We understand each other best by talking!

The two-day storytelling camp brought together 45 young people from different communities, and we asked Albulena Uka of the YIHR about the camp.

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Multilingualism: To remove language barriers and create friendly bridges

You will most often find polyglots among translators and language teachers. We talked to three of them.

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Imaginatorium of games, arts and skills: Another recipe for building trust

Imaginatorium - is the name of an informal educational center that aims to provide artistic, cultural and educational activities.

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Caritas Kosovo: Work on Roma inclusion and socialization, to be accepted in the community

Trust is a key link that has brought together those who can help and those who face challenges. "Trust is understanding each other."

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When Young People Come Together: A Benefit for the whole Community

The most affected during the pandemic are endangered groups, especially those in rural and inaccessible areas.

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