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Kosovo Trustbuilding Platform

17. Andjelka Cup.jpg

Kosovo is not mine, or yours. Kosovo is ours!

By Anđelka Ćup

For Kosovo that belongs to all of us, for being proud of its diversity, let's overcome stereotypes and get to know each other!

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63. Njomza Emini.jpg

Be the Change you Want to See in the World!

By Njomza Emini

The change we want to bring to our country starts with the form of thinking we have.

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I don't Want to be the Only Woman at the Table

By Adrijana Hodžić

"If women are represented at all levels, especially in politics, their role is crucial in building trust, maintaining peace and preventing conflict."

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Every Time I Got Ditched

By Milica Radovanović

For those who are interested, pilot guide for communication with institutions, or, simply - you may have called the right number, but you did not get what you asked for.

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Mediation as a Mechanism for Dispute Resolution

By Lazar Rakic

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Education for the Future - Common Needs

By Sanja Vukovic

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The Impact of Political Noninvolvement on the Economic Position of Roma Women in Kosovo

By Mimoza Gavrani

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Institutional Websites: From Promotional Tools to Proactive Two-way Communication Platforms

By Valmir Ismaili

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Religion and Ethnic Reconciliation in Kosovo’s Secular Society

By Shpetim Gashi

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